Where God Leads, We Follow

Where God Leads, We Follow


My husband Patrick and I have been visiting Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church (AMKMC) since 2013. After leaving our previous mega church, we went about trying out a few other churches. Never did I believe that God would lead us to a cosy family-like church.

AMKMC was one of the churches that appeared when I was doing a Google search for churches near my home. AMKMC is a few bus steps away and so is AMK Hub. We like AMKMC because we could attend Hub services, and after that we could get groceries and lunch downstairs. This convenience was a draw for us. Patrick likes AMKMC, and it is important for him to like the church because it means that we can stop drifting and finally settle down.

Switching to a Methodist church from a mega church was not too difficult. Since we started attending the contemporary service at 10.30am, we found that it is rather like our previous church. The worship style is something I can transition and relate to. While I initially suffered some challenges with church worship responses, I managed to overcome the struggle by accepting what I cannot change (church worship responses) and changing what I can (me).

We officially left the mega church in 2017.

In November 2018, Patrick and I decided to put down roots in AMKMC by seeking out a cell group which we can grow with in the church. I approached AMKMC via a phone call and asked to be referred to a cell group. The cell leader, Marchze, called Patrick up and this is how we started attending a cell group.

The family atmosphere in Marchze’s cell made Patrick and me feel accepted despite me sharing my experiences of very extreme situations. The cell respected what I shared, and they taught me to accept theirs. The discipline they exercised with me helped me to control myself better, and they were patient with me despite my anger issues. Being of a similar age group, we could understand one another’s stations in life. That made it easier to relate to one another’s sharing and needs. Praying together strengthens each one of us and gives us encouragement.

Since we have joined the cell group, we have grown stronger in knowledge of one another. Patrick is encouraged by the cell members’ love of God, and he also appreciates praying together with them. During pre-COVID times, I got to meet up with a few of the ladies in the cell group individually to talk over a simple meal. This made me very happy. We shared more about ourselves, and it was enriching. A few of these cell group ladies are now my better friends. Praise God!

Patrick and I realised that there was a great need for volunteers, so we prayed for an opportunity to serve together in church. At that time, we were visiting AMK Hub for worship services. Jeanne found us coming to church every Sunday without fail and she got us to serve as ushers together at the Hub services. It was a very pleasant experience! In fact, serving as ushers was another answered prayer because I had prayed that another volunteer would come looking to get us to serve, and she did!

I never thought that I would be part of a Methodist church with Patrick because I had pre-conceived notions about what Methodists were like. After attending the Hub services, we no longer feel this way because we have seen and experienced the humility of the worshippers. Our own characters have been moulded and shaped since the time we have visited until now.

Patrick and I are thankful and grateful for the warmth and humility of the cell, church members and leaders. These made it very appealing and apt for us to stay on in AMKMC. Now with Zoom meetings and online services for the time being, I have also gotten used to the changes from the mega church and to AMKMC since the time of Hub services.

We have finally settled down in AMKMC with more courage and faith. Despite the pandemic, we have decided to answer God’s call by staying on in AMKMC, and by taking the plunge to become members by signing up for the Baptism & Membership Class (BMC) this July. It will be a brand new beginning for us to officially become members of AMKMC. Praise God!