Vision Theme

Vision Theme

 Vision Theme

To be a Methodist Family after God’s Heart.

Methodist: To be a Methodist is to pursue Christian perfection in love and to pursue holiness, entirely by the grace of God. The means of grace for us to be perfected in holy love are the public worship of God, the ministry of the Word (either read or expounded), the Lord’s Supper, family and private prayer, fasting or abstinence, and class meetings. The fruit of our salvation are to be seen in our works of piety (devotion to God) and in our works of mercy (service to humankind).

Family: To be a spiritual family that resolutely stands with each other through all of life’s circumstances, we offer ourselves with humility, as instruments of God’s grace and presence to spur one another towards love and good deeds. Recognizing that all barriers between humankind are broken down in Christ Jesus, and that we are made co-heirs with Christ through the Holy Spirit, we esteem and honour one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, to the praise of our glorious Father.

After God’s heart: To be a people who hunger after God’s presence and seek to do His will. In order to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, we eagerly desire to obey all of the Lord’s commands in all of the Scriptures, so as to be a radiant Bride, pure and blameless, ready for the glorious return of Christ Jesus. In all of these, we are not seeking salvation by works. Rather, because we are entirely saved by grace, our lives will evidence the fruit of our salvation, evidenced chiefly by a new heart and a new spirit that delights in God and His commandments.

Theme for Year 2024

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To spread scriptural holiness across the land

We believe that when the world encounters and the reality of God’s presence, they too will join us in following Christ and bring about His Kingdom reign on earth.

Pastor’s 2023 Message

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