Onsite Worship

Onsite Worship

Onsite Worship @ AMKMC

We are currently conducting Onsite 8am and 5pm Worship Service.

We also conduct our children’s programme (AMKids) onsite together with our 8am Worship Service.

Please register to join us using the form below!

In compliance with the safe management measures under Covid-19, from February 2021 onwards, the maximum number of worshippers per service will increase to 250 pax. At all onsite services, safe management measures will be observed in line with government advisories. This means that all worshippers must have their TraceTogether app or token when they come for service.

We seek your support by following all instructions and directions of our staff on duty.

The service order of the Onsite Worship Service includes the same sermon as the AMKMC Online Worship Service. The AMKMC Online Worship Service will still be at 9am every Sunday.

These are the dates for the upcoming Onsite Worship Service.

11 Apr 2021 (8am, 5pm) with Holy Communion
18 Apr 2021 (8am, 5pm) with Holy Communion
25 Apr 2021 (8am, 5pm)
How to register

Registration for each Sunday’s Onsite Worship Service will open on the Monday of that week. For example, for services on 7 Feb, registration will open on 1 Feb (Monday).

You can register either for yourself or for your household (up to a max. of 8 pax) by using the e-form below.

What to expect when you come for the service

Each registered person/household should enter the church premises fifteen minutes prior to the service for temperature taking and registration.

Please register through the “Trace Together” app for yourself and your family members before you enter the church premises.If you don’t have the “Trace Together” app, please bring along your “Trace Together Token” to register.

Safe distancing must be observed at all times while within the church premises and all worshippers must be wearing a face mask. All worshippers should follow the instructions of the staff and ushers on duty.

Entry is strictly by registration only.

Other Information

The Online Worship Service is still available for anyone who is not able to physically attend the service or if you wish to share the church service with family and friends. You can find the Online Worship Service on the AMKMC Youtube Channel. (https://youtube.com/AMKMCtrac)

If you have any problems with your registration for the Onsite Worship Service, please contact the church office for assistance.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at https://www.amkmc.org.sg/contact

We look forward to communing with you at the Lord’s Table.