Children’s Ministry Resources

Children’s Ministry Resources

As more and more of us stay at home this season, don’t automatically turn on Neflix when you are bored or desperate! Besides participating in class meetings online and using the church journal Bible reading plan and SOAP method for your daily devotions, the church office has compiled this additional list of spiritual resources for us to stay connected with God and growcloser to each other within the family. Don’t waste this crisis!


The respective telegram broadcast links are:

If you have a child who belongs to our AMKids(4 to 10 years old), the links to join the broadcast chat groups are: 8am AMKids) 10.30am AMKids)

If you have a child who belongs to our 1-2-3 Ministry (1 to 3 years old), the links to join the broadcast chat groups are: 8am 1-2-3 Ministry) 10.30am 1-2-3 Ministry)

Once you subscribe to them, you will automatically receive children’s devotional resources every Friday for you to disciple your children in God’s ways.

Additional Resources

For Parents Reading:
Useful Link for Family Devotion Time: