Witness & Evangelism

Witness & Evangelism

Jesus’ command that we go and make disciples of all nations is not reserved for the apostles or a selected few. It is every believer’s responsibility to do so. We pray that every believer will respond by making personal evangelism one of the goals in their walk with the Lord. To this end, the Witness and Evangelism Committee helps by providing training, resource materials/tools and opportunities to equip every church member in this role.

Under the ministry of Witness and Evangelism, we have the following sub-ministries designed to reach and build up specific groups of people so they can encounter the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord and thereafter to be discipled so that they in turn can reach out to others.


A 5-week journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith. This course caters to young believers and churchgoers who feel that they have not received the fundamentals of the Christian faith, or who wish to re dedicate themselves to the Christian faith.

new life class

A 5-session New Life Class on Saturdays organised for new and spiritually young believers who desire to ground themselves in the basic foundation of the Christian faith.

apologetics forum

An initiative designed to equip believers to address difficult objections to the Christian faith. Q&A will be open to the floor after presentation.

love our neighbour (lon)

An initiative created to reach out to the community around us through home visits and blessings on special occasions (e.g. gifts distribution).

international fellowship

We also have special cells that caters to the Filipino, Indonesian and Myanmar communities.

Our Filipino Cell Group meets regularly every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 8am
at Rebecca Room (3.1). For those who are interested to join this cell group,
please contact Irene Tay @ 9152 0207.

Our Indonesian Cell Group meets regularly every 2nd and 4th Sunday at
8am at Rebecca Room (3.1). Those who are interested to join are cordially
invited to come and attend their regular meeting. Please contact Mrs Mina
Lim @ 98372734.

Our Myanmar Cell Group meets regularly every 1st and 3rd Sunday at 8am
in Joel Nursery, Level 4. We welcome all Myanmarese to come and join us.
Volunteers are also welcome. Please contact Amy Chan @ 9144 0368 for
further info.