Witness & Evangelism

Witness & Evangelism

Jesus’ command that we go and make disciples of all nations is not reserved for the apostles or a selected few. It is every believer’s responsibility to do so. We pray that every believer will respond by making personal evangelism one of his goals in his walk with God. To this end, the Witness and Evangelism Committee helps by providing training, resource materials/tools and opportunities to equip every church member in this role.

Under the ministry of Witness and Evangelism, we have the following sub-ministries designed to reach and build up specific groups of people so they can encounter the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord and thereafter to be discipled so that they in turn can reach out to others.

ALPHA: a friendly exploration of the Christian Faith open to pre-believers and new believers

NEW LIFE CLASS: an instructional & sharing class for new believers to learn how to grow in the Christian faith

SHARING THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM: a one-session training on how to share the gospel with opportunities to be a personal evangelist or counsellor on church-wide evangelistic events

APOLOGETICS FORUM: equipping believers to address difficult objections to the Christian faith

LOVE OUR NEIGHBOUR: an avenue to touch the community around us with visits, blessings on special occasions and friendship

NURSES’ FELLOWSHIP: an informal contact with and support of foreign nurses through visits, private and public holiday celebrations

FILIPINO CELL: 1st & 3rd Sunday meetings from 8-9.15 am at the main church

: 2nd & 4th Sunday meetings from 8-9.15 am at the main church

INTERNATIONAL DAY CELEBRATION: a yearly occasion in August as we celebrate our National Day. We also celebrate the national days of the foreign workers in our midst.