Methodist Message

Methodist Message continues to bring to you important MCS updates and thought-provoking editorial pieces. The Oct issue is now out! If you would like to subscribe to MM online, it is free AND easy to get onboard! Sign up here at today!

WSCS Prayer & Self-Denial (PSD) Week

WSCS Prayer & Self-Denial (PSD) Week 27 September to 3 October 2020 Every year in September, WSCS across all Methodist Churches observed a week of prayer and self-denial. This tradition which started in 1887 calls WSCS women to spiritual reflection, awareness and action. They are challenged to increase their self-denial, be it physical food or other worldly desires, to engage in prayer and to reflect upon stewardship as they respond to the needs in the home, church, community and the world…

New Bishop for MCS

            Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church extends our heartiest congratulations to Rev Dr Gordon Wong on his election to the office of Bishop of The Methodist Church in Singapore. May the Lord guide him in all his duties.

Methodist Message

Methodist Message continues to bring to you important MCS updates and thought-provoking editorial pieces. The Sep issue is now out! If you would like to subscribe to MM online, it is free AND easy to get onboard! Sign up here at today!

National Day Awards 2020

The Methodist Message Editor has requested for names of members or staff who have received the National Day award for publication on October issue of their magazine. If you know of any award winner for 2020, please email by Friday, 28 Aug 2020.

Boys Brigade WEEK

Since 1982, the Boys Brigade, 31st Singapore Company (sponsored by our church) continues to operate in Bowen Secondary School, with the purpose of reaching and ministering to those Boys whom God has entrusted to us. We thank God for His faithfulness and provision which has sustained this ministry for the past years. BBHQ has prepared a series of videos sharing the testimonials of Boys and Officers in the BB. Every week, BBHQ has uploaded a new video and sent out an e-bulletin which…

IMPACT Magazine

  Support IMPACT We trust that you are keeping well. We would like you to subscribe and support IMPACT magazine. In our latest issue, we explore the theme ‘Doing things differently’. Ironically, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have changed the way we do church, how we work and how we have adapted to a new routine of life. Among the many topics we have touched on, holidaying is one that is close to our hearts. When will…

Methodist Message

Methodist Message continues to bring to you important MCS updates and thought-provoking editorial pieces. The August issue is now out! If you would like to subscribe to MM online, it is free AND easy to get onboard! Sign up here at today!

Love In Action

‘Love one another as we are loved by God; that is our continuing debt to Christ (Romans 13:8)’ Let us be outward looking as we reach out in love, to the people around us as we are loved by God. With different outreach activities, let us forward the blessings as our inward call, and aim to complete at least two rows of the BINGO game in the month of August. Please click the appropriate  link. Download today and join us…

Serve God Serve One Another

As part of the Serve God Serve One Another Initiative, fill in this e-form if you would like to (1) appreciate someone who is serving in any of the ministries, and/or (2) indicate your interest in serving in any of the church ministries. The e-form is closed on 8 Aug 2020.  

Children Ministry: Family and Life Month Activity

Dear Parents of Ang Mo Kio Family, A South African Anglican pastor and theologian once said, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” This month, AMKMC is celebrating Family and Life month. We in the Children’s Ministry strongly believe that a united family unit plays a vital role in the development and upbringing of children. Hence, we would like to partner you in discipling and loving your child(ren) in the ways…

Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS)

WSCS would like to thank all church members and friends for their generosity towards WSCS Sunday collection on 10 May. $2,906 was received. 85% i.e. $2,470.10 goes to TRAC WSCS local beneficiaries and 15% rounded up to the nearest $500 (approved by local WSCS ExCo) is going to MWS Girls Residences.

Build One Another Up

Our lives are made of stories and the Bible encourages us to share our testimonies of what God has been doing and have done in our lives. The church would like to hear these exciting and Spirit-filled testimonies, especially so during the past few months. If you have any stories or testimonies, please share them by going to this link:

Bible Matters

TRAC have now put up the 10th  article in the series on Bible Matters through TRAC website. Here are some of the Bible Matters that will be covered in the weeks ahead. Visit the TRAC website to read more.  Bible Matters: Does the Bible tell us the age of the earth? (Mr Daniel Lee) Should we distrust a Bible which commands genocide? (Mr Gilbert Lok) Can we trust that the Bible is reliable? (Rev Joel Yong) Can we take Proverbs as Promises?…


We would like to thank all of you who have supported the sale of GC WSCS “Simply Good” Healthy Family Meals recipe books. Thank God that all the allocated books have been sold! Hence, the online order registration is now closed. The full sales proceeds will go to MCS 135 Fund to bless the 1,000 families in need. Thank you all for being part of this meaningful programme.
2020 40.Day Prayer Guide by LoveSingapore The theme for this year is “In the Long Run—a journey through the Book of Hebrews”. Due to Covid-19 constraints, this year’s 40.Day Prayer Guide (both English and Mandarin editions) will be published online at a brand new 40.Day 2020 website to be launched on June 24. It will be available for us free of charge. The 40.Day Prayer Guide Team will send the link to all participating churches. They will also post the…

Children’s Ministry Volunteers

Children – Precious Gifts From The Lord! SEEKING: Adult volunteers (21 years and above) who want to be a part of Kingdom work! You can make an eternal impact on the future of the Church and Church leaders of the future by investing now in precious young lives. Come explore ministry to children! You will have opportunity to speak with leaders and teachers who have been serving in this Ministry – Hear how this has impacted them and helped spur…

Pledging for Financial Year 2020/21

Pledge Update FY19/20 FY20/21 Total Pledges Received $2,271,874 $2,043,286 Number of Persons Pledging 643 522 Pledging is planned giving. It is part of the accepted responsibility of a committed member. We thank those who have pledged towards the Church.For those who have not yet pledged and wish to do so, please use our online pledge form  to post your Pledge!  Submit your Pledge Beloved Brothers and Sisters-in-Christ,   As our Church approaches the close of the financial year ending 31 July…

Covid-19 Temporary Relief Fund

AMKMC COVID-19 Temporary Financial Relief In alignment with our Church’s 2020 theme and vision of a “Home With A Heart”, we have put in place a process for impacted individuals/families who are members and regular worshippers to receive Temporary Financial Relief (TFR) from the Church. Who Are Eligible? The TFR program will be limited to members and worshippers of AMKMC (TRAC) who have lost their jobs or livelihood arising from the negative impact of the Covid-19. How Are They Identified?…

Primary 1 Registration Exercise 2020 (Phase 2B)

For a child whose parent is a member endorsed by a Methodist Church.Online Registration:  Due to safe distancing measures and to ensure minimal contact among the public, parents will have to complete an online application form to register their child, using their SingPass, at MOE website. (For more information. refer to Registration Hours: From 9am Registration Dates: Thursday, 23 July 2020 to 4.30pm on Friday, 24 July 2020. (Anyone requiring assistance during registration can contact the school of their…
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