Our Leaders

Our Leaders

Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC) office bearers (for Year 2022 – 2023)

The following persons have been elected/re-elected on 24 September 2022 to serve in the various offices for the new Church Year 2022 – 2023.

Dr Ling Sing Wong Honorary Steward
Mr Ng Thin Teng Honorary Steward
Ms Ng Tiang Hoon Cynthia Honorary Steward
Mr Thomas Tan Chairperson
Mr Simon Loh Vice-Chairperson
Mrs Audrey Heng Lay Leader / Chairperson, Property Mgmt
Mr Tan Tong Guan Associate Lay Leader
Mr Louis Loke Associate Lay Leader / Chairperson, W&M
Ms Jacqueline Seah Associate Lay Leader / Chairperson, Missions
Mr Calvin Lim Associate Lay Leader / Chairperson, W&E
Ms Lucy Tan Associate Lay Leader / Family Life Min. Coord.
Mr Ng Jia Le Secretary
Mr Geoffrey Lee Asst Secretary
Mr Terrence Tan Asst Secretary

Mrs Kerrie Chang

Chairperson, Finance

Mr Wong Kiew Kwong

Ms Amanda Zhuang Asst Treasurer

Mr Erwin Chew
Mr Lim Biow Chuan

Chairperson, PPRSC
Chairperson, Governance
Mr Richard Ng Archivist
Mr Patrick Ling Chairperson, COSC
Mr Kwan Qi Xiang Chairperson, D & N
Mr Sean Ng IT/ InfoComm Coordinator
Ms Susan Chee Seniors’ Ministry Coordinator
Ms Leau Wan Hwee Children’s Ministry Coordinator
Mr Rakesh Singh Prayer Ministry Coordinator
Mr Andrew Ng Media & Creative Arts Team Coordinator
Mr Lim Choon Lam Garett AMK HUB Ministry Coordinator
Mr Kim Seah Steward
Ms Grace Lee Steward
Mr Chris Lee Steward
Ms Serene Chang Steward
Mr Thomas Wong Steward
Mr Ian Ong Steward
Ms Adelene Cheong Steward
Mrs Sharon Teh Steward
Mr Justin Chan Steward
Mrs Lydia Sng President, WSCS
Mr Jeremy Chew Boys’ Brigade Captain