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Sep 21 – Oct 2, 2021

AMKMC 43rd Anniversary: Prayerthon

Praying together as followers of Christ invites the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our midst! All church members are welcome to join the Prayerthon to pray together as a cell and as a zone. For 12 consecutive days, each Zone will be assigned one day to pray for the church and beyond. If you do not belong to a cell group, but would like to participate in the Prayerthon, please email Selina at and Jacqueline at…
Sep 29, 2021


All are welcome!   Via Zoom: Meeting ID: 835 5476 9264 Passcode: 387751 
Oct 2, 2021

Marriage Preparation Course

Marriage Preparation Course topics 2 & 3: Conflict & commitment Venue:   Virtual Zoom Meetings Time:      9.30am – 1.00pm Date:      2nd October 2021 Other Topics:  Communication (25th Sep)  Connection (9th Oct)  Adventure (9th Oct) We will also be conducting a special personality traits session for couples called ‘The Flag Page’ to cap off the course. Back to Marriage Preparation Course Main Page
Oct 2, 2021

Men’s Fellowship

MEN’S FELLOWSHIP TALK: DOES WORKING FROM HOME WORK? One of the strategies that men deploy to help them deal with stress is to compartmentalise. We create categories, use mental boxes, and separate our thoughts from our feelings to better handle complex issues. However, with last year’s Circuit Breaker, working in split teams and work-from-home practices, one big area of compartmentalisation is being challenged. The old formula to achieve good work-life balance is being disrupted. What is more, with COVID-19 morphing…
Oct 2, 2021

A Taste of Alpha

WHAT IS A TASTE OF ALPHA? A 5-week journey exploring the basics of the Christian faith. WHY A TASTE OF ALPHA? Everyone should have the opportunity to explore the Christian faith, freely ask questions and share their point of view. WHO IS IT FOR? Non church-goers (please invite your family, friends and colleagues who are pre-believers) Young believers and church-goers who feel that they have not received the fundamentals of the Christian faith, or who wish to re-dedicate themselves to…
Oct 3, 2021

Church 43rd Anniversary Celebration

Church 43rd Anniversary CELEBRATION Come join us to celebrate our Church’s 43rd anniversary! Look forward to a sermon by TRAC President Rev Stanley Chua as well as a special dance item by the Dance Ministry. Date & Time: 3 Oct 2021 @ 10am Venue: AMKMC, Level 3, Sanctuary 2 Registration for the onsite worship service opens on Mon 27 Sep 2021. Register here: For those who are unable to join the onsite service, a livestreaming video will be available…