Apr 18, 2021

AMKids Onsite at Church

Please scroll down to register Resumption of AMKids On-site at Church Children’s Ministry will be resuming AMKids (children age 4 to 10 years old) on-site at church from 11 April alongside the 8am worship service timing. Weekly registration is required and the registration deadline will cut off at 6pm on the Saturday before the AMKids session the next day. Do note that the AMKids Online session over Zoom will stop from 11 April onwards. As part of safe distance measures,…
Jan 2, 2022

Children’s Ministry

Physical Service will be suspended due to Covid-19 till further notice. Please refer to our Covid-19 Advisory page for the latest. Our vision: To grow children into lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ! 1-2-3 MINISTRY – AGES 1-3 (SANCTUARY) Every Sunday  8am and 10.30am AMKMC, Rooms 2.3-2.4, Level 2 1-2-3 MINISTRY – AGES 1-3 (HUB) Every Sunday 10.30am AMK Hub, Cinema Hall 1 all mighty kids – AGES 4-10 (SANCTUARY) Every Sunday  8am and 10.30am AMKMC, Rooms 4.1-4.4, Level 4 all…