Our Brief History

Our Brief History



a mustard seed beginning

Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church has a mustard seed beginning. It all started in the January of 1977 with the Ang Mo Kio Pioneer Work Committee headed by the late Rev. Wong Hoon Hee. Rev. Wong was the first pastor to be appointed as Pastor-In-Charge (PIC) to Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church. Sunday Services were held  in a rented semi-detached house at No. 24 Mayflower Rise with an average attendance of about 35. There was only one service at 5:00 pm.

1 October 1978

Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church was born

Within two years, it was constituted as a Local Church with 49 members. That took place on the Sunday 1 October 1978 and Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church was born.

September 1979

Growing Pains

With the birth came the growing pains. In September 1979, the HDB, acting on complaints received, ordered all worship activities to cease at 24 Mayflower Rise. By God’s grace, a nearby shophouse was found as an alternate worship place. After about a year, we were allowed to return to 24 Mayflower Rise. By which time, the Lord had already prepared for us a more permanent residence.

5 April 1981

Our New Sanctuary

The Methodist Church in Singapore had successfully tendered for our present site. It became the first church building project undertaken by the General Conference. On Easter Sunday 5 April 1981, we held our first Sunday Worship Service in the new sanctuary.


series of renovations

As the church continues to grow in numbers and expand its ministries, our physical building went through a series of renovations. The main sanctuary was extended to accommodate a larger crowd.


Contemporary service launched

The third floor Chapel was built to house our third service, which is our Contemporary service launched on August 1997.

Oct 1999

renovation of a Children’s Chapel

The renovation of a Children’s Chapel on the ground floor was completed.

Today, we have witnessed how the mustard seed of our church has become a tree with its spreading branches of ministries over our neighbourhood and even beyond to the Lahu People in Thailand, and other parts of Asia including: China, India, Cambodia, Malaysia, etc.

With 3 worship services (including Friends@HUB at AMK Hub – click here for more info),  AMKMC is reaching out and strengthening over 1000 worshippers each Sunday.

By the grace of God, we now also have increased ministries to help equip every believer for personal growth, service within church, and to be ambassadors in the Marketplace.

With the growing needs of the community and the world, we realize that we would need more resources and a bigger facility to effect greater change. In 2008, the Lord moved in our hearts towards a redevelopment project  to rebuild this church. We went ahead with faith and the Lord blessed us indeed to allow us to complete this current building fully paid in 2012.

On 27 July 2014, Pastor Stanley Chua preached the last time at our Church as Pastor-in-charge before he left for his studies in the United States. Pastor Melvin Huang took over as Pastor-in-charge from Aug 2014 till 31 Dec 2018 when he retired as a Methodist Pastor.

Pastor Anthony Lee was appointed Pastor-in-charge for AMKMC from Year 2019.

As we move ahead with faith, we trust that the Lord is our Jehovah Jireh, and He will continue to lead AMKMC into her destiny: To be a Methodist Family after God’s Heart.

[Last updated : 22 Feb 2023]