Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Church Prayer Meeting (CPM)

This is a once a month Prayer Meeting on every 1st Wed of the month.
We are meeting @ Sanctuary 3, Attic level.

  • Jan 3
  • Mar 7
  • Apr 4
  • May 2
  • Jul 4
  • Aug 1
  • Sep 5
  • Oct 3
  • Nov 7
  • Dec 5

Scriptures encourage us to pray at all times in the Spirit with all prayers and supplications
(Eph 6:18).
Come and pray. We do not know what God will do when we pray.

Healing Services (HS)

Come and hear the Word of God and be healed. Our prayer ministers in the Healing Team will be present to pray and minister alongside. Bring your loved ones and friends who need prayers and healing in all areas of life.

HS full

Steps To Freedom Workshop (STF)

Steps to Freedom Workshop is a 7 thorough and focused steps that teaches us how we can be set free by the power of God.

This is can be used on your own anytime when you find yourself in bondage. You can also use this Steps to lead others out of their bondages.


Our Prayer Intercessors meet 3rd Wed of the month for a time of seeking God in prayer.

Come and join us in seeking God’s purposes together as a church for our community and our nation.

Companions in Christ (CIC)

Companions-In-Christ is a Spiritual Formation program that provides participants the opportunities to focus on their relationship with Christ and to grow in openness to God’s presence and guidance.

This is a 28 week program and will culminate in a Day Retreat. There will be daily devotional readings for 5 days each week and the group meets weekly.

Holy Spirit Rain (HSR) Weekend

The Holy Spirit Rain Weekend is a time whereby Prayer Intercessors come to learn together what God has for us as individual and as a Team so that we can be further equip for His work in the church as well as in the market place. During this session, we will spent time soaking in God’s presence in prayer and worship.

Rev Anthony will be sharing on “Contending In the Heavenlies” as this year’s focus.

As intercessors, we continue to place ourselves before God as He does His work in and through us.

Spiritual Formation Overnight Retreat (SFR)

In our world of so much cares that require our attention, how do we find refuge in such a frenzied world? On the other hand, we can never totally remove our every concerns that trouble our inner world and seek God whole heartedly.

Many fear silence as silence sometimes makes us feel uneasy and hence is not a sought after commodity. In silence, we experience the inner battle with self and God.

In silence we can also learn to hear God speaking.

In this 2-day Spiritual Retreat we will learn to discover more of ourselves and how and what we can do to overcome the noise inside us and connect back with God through various forms of prayers.

Breakthrough Weekend (BTW)

The essence of Christianity may be said to be our relationship with God, the Father. Jesus died and rose again to restore this fundamental relationship. However, many of us have a distorted understanding of God the Father. This distortion deprives us of the joy and abundant life Jesus promised. This program is designed to uncover where the sources of that distorted understanding may have arisen and to replace the lies we have believed in with the truth of God’s Word.

School of Prayer (SOP)

We started organizing AMK School of Prayer since 2013. This year’s focus will be on the area of intercession, and our trainer is our very own Pastoral Team Member Lay Thian! She will be sharing on the importance and value of intercession and how we can grow as intercessors, shaping the world through prayer and intercession.

40-Day Fast & Prayer

Every year we seek God together in the 40-Day Fast and Prayer. This is a spiritual discipline we can learn for our own spiritual prayer journey.

Come let us see what God has in store for us as a church this season as we learn to Fast and Pray. Praying to God focuses on God’s kingdom.