Prayer Ministry

Prayer Ministry

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Church Prayer Meeting (CPM)

This is a monthly Prayer Meeting on the 1st Wed of every month.
We meet @ Sanctuary 3, Attic level at 8pm.

Healing Services

Healing services are held on Sunday several times a year. We invite our members to bring their loved ones and friends who need prayers and healing in all areas of life.

Steps To Freedom Workshop (STF)

Steps to Freedom Workshop teaches seven thorough and focused steps that we can take to be set free by the power of God.

This is can be used on your own anytime when you find yourself in bondage. You can also use this Steps to lead others out of their bondages.


Our Prayer Intercessors meet on the 3rd Wed of every month for a time of seeking God in prayer and worship.

We meet @ Amstutz Hall, level 3 at 8pm.

Spiritual Formation Overnight Retreat (SFR)

This is a 2-day Spiritual Retreat designed to help us discover more of ourselves and how and what we can do to overcome the noise inside of us and connect with God through various forms of prayers.

Breakthrough Weekend (BTW)

This program is designed to uncover the sources of any distorted understanding we may have of God the Father and to replace the lies we have believed in with the truth of God’s Word.

Companions in Christ (CIC)

Companions-In-Christ is a Spiritual Formation program that provides participants the opportunities to focus on their relationship with Christ and to grow in openness to God’s presence and guidance.

This is a 28-week program and will culminate in a Day Retreat. There will be daily devotional readings for 5 days each week and the group meets weekly.