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Personal Data

Your Personal Information

The provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) take effect from 2nd July 2014. Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church (TRAC) – hereby known as “the Church” – is committed to protect your personal data. In the course of the year, the Church will be collecting, using and/or disclosing your data for the purposes of maintaining the membership records or for the planning of Church related activities/services for you.

By providing your personal data to the Church, you acknowledge that the Church is collecting, using, or disclosing your personal data to continue to provide activities and/or services to you. You also consent to the Church contacting you by telephone or sending phone or email messages to you.

Should you provide us with personal information relating to a third party (eg. your spouse, child, parent, relative, foreign domestic worker, or friend), you represent to us that you had obtained the third party’s consent to provide us with their personal data for the respective purposes.

The Church respects personal data and privacy and will only share such information with third parties on a required basis. Should you wish to withdraw or limit your consent, please write with full particulars to:

Data Protection Officer
Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church
1 Ang Mo Kio St 21
Singapore 569383

Or email our Data Protection Officer (DPO) at

To view our Personal Data Protection Policy, visit