Corporate Event

Corporate Event

Jul 27, 2019


RESTART A HEART (RAH) PROGRAMME Learn how to perform hands-only CPR & use an AED. A. CPR KIOSK AMKMC will be installing a CPR kiosk at level one (near lift) in late June with the objective to raise awareness of this important life saving skill and increase the number of people trained in CPR. B. TRAINING RAH training is a simplified CPR+AED (non certification) practical training session which focuses on hands only CPR. It is for those who do not…
Jul 28, 2019

Newscomers’ Welcome Lunch

If you have joined our Church for the past few months, or are presently visiting our Church, you are invited to our upcoming Newcomers’ Welcome Lunch! It will be a great opportunity for you to understand more about our Church, our programs and structure, and to get to know the church leaders. To help us with the catering, please register online using the QR code or at the info counter by 21 July. For any enquiries, please contact PTM Selina…
Aug 1, 2019

Lesson On Book Of Leviticus

Come and learn as Rev Dr Gordon Wong shares and uncovers the gems in the Book of Leviticus. Synopsis: Leviticus for Levites?? “But I am not a Levite, so why should I bother with Leviticus?” “I am not a holy or spiritual person, and the Bible’s laws on holiness and sacrifices seem irrelevant to me. Why should I bother?” “Holy? What does it mean to be holy?” “Must Christians still obey those biblical food laws and sacrifices?” Reflect on these…