MWTM Week 6: Bare Fruit or Bear Fruit?

MWTM Week 6: Bare Fruit or Bear Fruit?

By Cheryl Mah

Jesus is a shining example of what it means to live out the Gospel truth. During his time on earth, He chose to communicate the Gospel by example instead of merely sharing it verbally, and His method has been proven to be effective. Christ was bold and confident when sharing the Gospel, yet He adjusted the way He shared to the different people He spoke to and He paid attention to their needs.

1. Stand Firm

Although Jesus has sent us out on a mission to spread His Gospel, He cautions us that persecution will come (Matthew 10:16). Jesus compares us to the sheep which are meek and gentle, and He expects us to be tame despite the persecution we face from people who behave like ‘wolves”. Nevertheless, He also wants us to be ‘shrewd as snakes’ and ‘innocent as doves’ i.e. we must go with our eyes wide open and be bold to share the Gospel, but at the same time we are to maintain a pure lifestyle and a clean conscience no matter what tests or trials we are put through (Matthew 4:1-11).

Even if we were in trouble, Christ reminds us to stay focused on the mission and not to be distracted from our devotion to Him (Matthew 10:19-20).

2. Fear God

Additionally, we must be on our guard as we should expect to face adversaries on our mission. While we may be opposed by others, lose friends, lose our jobs, or even in the worst-case scenario – lose our lives – but we only need to fear God and not people. By fearing God, we are given wisdom and are kept from sin such that we can live a pure and holy life. In fact, He is the only One whose opinion and judgement of us really matters.

3. Be a Fountain for Others

Our trust in Christ should affect the way we live – by being kind and forgiving, humble and honest, and helping people with their needs. We ought to live in the light of the Truth and in such a way that the Gospel message flows out of us and overflows into others. As we have drunk from the fountain of Living Water, we too, must become a fountain, for there to be a never-ending supply of Living Water for others who thirst (John 7:37-38).

4. Manifest God’s Glory

To be able to manifest God’s glory, we must step out of our comfort zones. When we surrender all and allow the Holy Spirit to dwell in us, He can work in us and through us (Acts 1:8). We have seen the glory of God and are thus called to display the glory of God to others (2 Corinthians 3:18). When others look upon God’s glory, their eyes will be open to more aspects of His nature and character, and they will receive an increasing revelation of God in the way He wants them to know Him.

As we go out into the world, we must be spiritually and mentally prepared for what we must be, and what or who we shall face. There is no need to hard-sell the Gospel message; instead let us look to the interests of others and have conversations rather than confrontations. No matter the challenges or curveballs thrown at us, we must remember to always trust in the Lord and remain rooted in Him in all that we say, do or think – only then shall we be successful in bearing fruit for His kingdom.


A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, by their fruit you will recognise them.
Matthew 7:18-20

Reflection Questions:

  1. God’s work is not reserved for pastors and missionaries only. How will you carry out the mission God has called you for?
  2. In what way can you bear witness for Christ – in action and/or words?
  3. How has God gifted you in the Body of Christ? Are you using those gifts to be fruitful?