Surviving Cancer: A Faith-Fueled Journey with God

Surviving Cancer: A Faith-Fueled Journey with God

Testimony by Maple Ng

It all started in December 2018 when I received a letter from the Singapore Cancer Society stating that some changes in my mammogram from two months ago needed further investigation. I didn’t think much of it and went for a repeat mammogram and ultrasound in March, followed by a biopsy. I was shocked by the diagnosis: right triple negative cancer.

God provided a good surgeon and medical oncologist. After a bone scan and ultrasound of the abdomen to confirm there was no metastasis, the surgeon performed a right simple mastectomy with my agreement after much discussion and prayer. I was relieved the sentinel lymph nodes were unaffected in this grade 2 stage of invasive cancer.

Chemotherapy started in May. After a heart function test, the infusions were scheduled fortnightly. I was admitted as I kept vomiting after the first session. Pastor Chan Mei Ming visited and prayed for me. Chemotherapy was critical so my oncologist prescribed a anti-nausea and vomiting drug Akynzeo to be taken half an hour before chemotherapy. Thank God it worked marvellously!

My hair dropped till I had only a few strands left, so I got myself a fancy hairdo in brown! My weight also dropped and I could wear clothes that had been in cold storage for years!

As the sessions progressed, many times the attending nurse could not find a vein which had not been used and had to use a vein finder. Sometimes the winged infusion site would be bruised for many days. I was hospitalised a total of 3 times, for diarrhoea and then fever with chemotherapy session postponed. The second cycle of chemotherapy started in July on a weekly basis for 12 sessions.

I faithfully went for all the chemotherapy sessions, accompanied by my husband most of the time. I also had monthly consultations with my oncologist. It felt I was practically living in the hospital. I realise now that it was God’s strength that saw me through the many months.

With my cell group Shalom2 and the church praying fervently for me, the months actually passed quickly and I was back at work. During my down time, Chun Ling specially prepared healing soups for me – and long after! My daughters brought packed food for me when I could not stomach the usual meals – food delivery was not so prominent then. My sister went out of her way to ensure all was well with me.

Year after year since, my doctors have given me the all clear. It finally dawned upon me that my dear Heavenly Father has healed me!

A post-op CT of the chest in July 2019 showed a mediastinal mass. This was diagnosed as a thymoma in a follow-up CT in 2020 . Again the Lord provided a good surgeon to have it removed in 2021. I was thankful no radiotherapy was recommended. There has been no recurrent mass. Praise the Lord!

My Jehovah Rapha – He is altogether lovely!