Art 4 Lent 2024

Art 4 Lent 2024

This year, we extend a heartfelt invitation to all worshippers at AMKMC to engage with Lent and the Mission with the Master 2024 theme through the powerful medium of art. Join us as we collectively express and contemplate the profound journey of self-discovery and mission outreach. Let your creativity serve as a vibrant canvas for spiritual exploration during the sacred period of Lent!

Topic: Create an artwork inspired by one of the topics from Mission with the Master 2024 – a) to be a Blessing, b) to be a Bridge, or c)To be a Catalyst.

Types of Artwork: Drawing & Painting, Craftwork, Poetry, Photography, Other (eg. Mixed Media, Calligraphy etc)

Parents’ Guide (suggested art activities & discussion questions for children):

Please click here if you are unable to view the pdf file above.

Submission Information:
  1. Submission requirements include: Photo, Name, Age (optional) & up to 50-word description.
  2. Please take a photo of your project/you with your project, or upload a jpg/png/pdf file to the submission form below. Do ensure that that the photo is taken in a well-lit location with no shadows on the artwork/person.
  3. Art submissions will be displayed via the AMKMC social media platform.
CLOSING DATE – 1 April 2024 (Mon – extended)
** Note: If you are submitting the artwork on behalf of your child, please state your child’s name and age in the form below **