Posts from June 2023

Posts from June 2023

40 Day prayer 2023

Are You Ready for 40.Day 2023?

    Scripture tells us: That our leaders are bearers of deep truths of the faith (1 TIMOTHY 3:9) That what God is about to do, He first tells His prophets (AMOS 3:7) That in an abundance of wise counsel there is victory (PROVERBS 11:14) That we are to love and heed the instruction of our leaders (PROVERBS 12:1) This is the heart of this new iteration of the annual 40.Day prayer season.  This year, we will hear 40 devotional insights and 40 prayers…

Closure of Friends@HUB

Dear AMKMC Family, It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of Friends@HUB ministry (and, by extension – Buddies@HUB for the children). Our final Sunday at AMK HUB Cathay Cinema will be on 23 July 2023. This decision marks the end of 20 years of using cinema halls as our church’s extension service. 20 years ago, we faced limited seating capacity in the main church building and so we started using Bishan J8 cinema halls as an…