Posts from December 2020

Posts from December 2020

Communications Manager

Roles and responsibilities Ang Mo Kio Methodist Church is looking for a full-time staff to oversee and coordinate the church’s communication efforts. The job scope includes but is not limited to: Develop and implement effective communication strategies to engage the congregation and visitors Work with the Pastors, PTMs, and volunteers to brainstorm and curate content Plan annual comms calendar for the church, leveraging its online and offline channels Manage the church’s communication channels, including social media, website, etc. Provide direction…

Women’s Society of Christian Service (WSCS)

WSCS would like to thank our church ladies and congregation for the Prayer and Self-Denial (PSD) e-offering of $1,222. We have topped up the funds to $3,000 to be given to TRAC WSCS for distribution to overseas beneficiaries. We would also like to take the opportunity to wish one and all a Blessed Christmas and may you truly encounter the essence of Christ in this season. We look forward to your continuous support and participation in 2021. Please feel free…

MWS Creating Change Campaign 2020

We are thankful for all the support that enabled us to serve over 8,000 people in need this year. It is especially during such challenging times that our hearts warm up with every bit of help as we see our services strive so much harder to engage isolated seniors, troubled youths, families in need and the frail and sick.  To help MWS run critical services to empower people to have life to the full, please support the MWS Creating Change…

Foreign Domestic Helpers Christmas Celebration

Although we are not having our annual Christmas party this year, we would like to show appreciation to our invaluable helpers at home. So do collect a party bag and Christmas present for your domestic helper after your church service.  Women’s Society of Christian Service