Empowered To Serve His Kingdom

Empowered To Serve His Kingdom

Testimony by Marcus See

I will celebrate, sing unto the Lord, I will sing to Him a new song

Shalom! I’m Marcus, married to Ru-Tian and blessed with 4 kids. I joined the AMKMC family in 2006 and have been serving in the Worship & Music Ministry and Cell Ministry.

Whenever I look back, I feel a sense of thankfulness for God’s gift of music. Frankly speaking, I do not think I had musical genes when I was little in the 1980s… But God had a plan: some “planted”, others “sowed”, and I “reaped”. After more than 25 years, I am still serving God and am still learning new things.

How did I start my ministry journey here?

In 2006, I joined the Worship & Music Ministry after “resting” for six months and getting to know the people in church. I was warmly welcomed and was soon back into church worship. As the ministry grew over the years, I had the privilege to serve as a Music Director and in the Core Team.

When Covid-19 struck in late 2019, I was pretty sure none of us expected the multitude of restrictions and the impact upon our daily lives. It became evident that we would not be able to conduct regular Sunday services on the church premises. It looked as if a mountain had formed between us and the church. “My God is so Big, so Strong and so Mighty, there’s nothing my God cannot do”. Amazingly, God had already prepared us in advance.

When the church decided to conduct Sunday Services online, we had to call for members with the necessary skillset to support the various functions. For me, I was somehow inspired in 2019 to revisit my MIDI days and started to refresh and acquire various hardware and software. I was even able to carve out a space at home and rebuild my home gig. I responded to the call and began contributing to the music recordings for online service on Sundays. I was amazed by how all these clicked together. This was something that only God could have done.

We did not start off as experts. There was a learning curve for all of us. We had to figure out how to record songs and videos.

Despite the digital hurdle, I was glad to see many stepping forward even though they may not have fully known what they responded to. It was great to hear of people responding because they were emboldened from seeing the living testimonies of those who came forth. A couple of churches in the UK and US chanced upon one of our online worship videos and used it at their service. We were glad that we could bless the body of Christ beyond our shores.

God showed me that He can work through us despite the challenges in this pandemic. I was unexpectedly retrenched in early 2021. Despite the unpleasant and lousy moments, God taught me to trust. I slowly learnt to trust. A Christian career coach and friends came alongside, while God opened a door and brought me through smoothly into a new job.

Through our weaknesses, He patiently loves us, and empowers us with gifts and talents, for His Kingdom work. We are the hands and feet that are called to share the Good News. Whether you are young or old, it is never too early or too young to serve.

Pray and see what God can do through you. May you be encouraged. God Bless you.

…for I will not offer burnt offerings to the Lord my God that cost me nothing…” 2 Samuel 24:24

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