Free Creative Workshops

Free Creative Workshops


Are you interested to explore how you can serve God in the areas of dance, photography, video storytelling or stage lighting? The Media and Creative Arts Ministry (MCA) is organising training workshops in these areas for those who want to explore using their creative talents to glorify God, serve in church and bless those in the wider community!

Our courses will focus on learning basic techniques, equipping attendees with the fundamental skills and understanding of basic terms they need to be able to start serving in the various art forms, as well as develop an understanding of how to develop their skills. Participants will also be given plenty of hands-on experience and also be part of a project that they can apply newly learnt techniques.

Whether you are a beginner, hobbyist or just want to learn more, we welcome you to join us in these exciting courses. Sign up today and learn about how God has given you the artistic potential to tell His story in your own creative ways! Workshops will run at various dates and timings between Feburary to March 2023.


  1. Flags and Wings Workshop (Dance)
    We will rejoice in your salvation,
    And in the name of our God we will set up our banners!
    May the Lord fulfill all your petitions.
    ” – Psalm 20:5 (NKJV)

    Flags (also known as banners) have a long history of use throughout the Bible, and are one of the most powerful instruments we use in worship. Come join us as we explore the meaning and purpose of dancing with flags, and celebrate all that God has done in our lives!

    Course dates and timings (4 sessions)
    21 Feb, 28 Feb, 7 Mar and 14 Mar (Tuesday evenings) from 7:30pm-9:30pm.

    Course outline
    Session 1 (21 Feb) : The role of dance and dancers in worship, introduction to flags in biblical history, basic flag techniques
    Session 2 (28 Feb) : Simple patterns with 1 flag; Combining basic flag techniques
    Session 3 (7 Mar) : More flag combinations; Exploring techniques with 2 flags
    Session 4 (14 Mar) : Introduction to wings; Putting everything together with music

  2. Video Editing and Storytelling Workshop
    They say a picture paints a thousand words, but what about videos, which are made up of many pictures per second? Videos can be a powerful tool for us to tell the same story in different ways, and how you edit the video can make a world of difference! In this workshop, we will explore the basics how to plan, shoot and edit a video using just your smartphone, and learn how you can tell your story in different interesting ways. We will also give an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how some of our recent church videos were planned and shot!

    Course dates and timings (4 sessions)
    25 Feb, 4 Mar, 11 Mar, 18 Mar (Saturday mornings) from 10am-12pm

    Course outline
    Session 1 (25 Feb) : Putting clips together to make your very first video
    Session 2 (4 Mar) : Storyboarding and how to capture right moments (rightly)
    Session 3 (11 Mar) : Experts share their experiences
    Session 4 (18 Mar) : Go ye therefore and share thy story

  3. Photography Workshop
    Every wondered how a camera works to take a photo, and how you can take a great photo with just a mobile phone? Join us to learn the basics of photography, and tips and tricks of how to make your next shot a great shot. This short workshop is ideal for those with a camera and wish to learn how to maximise its usage.

    Learn about:
    – What exposure is
    – Focal length and why it matters
    – Basic Lighting
    – Composition
    …and more! Do join us for this exciting workshop!

    Course dates and timings (2 sessions)
    18 Feb & 25 Feb (Saturday mornings) from 10am-12pm

  4. Stage Lighting Workshop
    In churches both past and present, light has played an integral and sometimes transformative role, creating a conducive atmosphere and space for worship. In this workshop, we will cover best practices on how to handle stage lighting, as well as plenty of hands-on experience handling our lighting show software. You will also have a try at creating your very own light show!

    Course dates and timings (2 sessions)
    18 Feb & 25 Feb (Saturday afternoons) from 1pm-2:30pm


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