God calls. God is calling us at AMKMC to return to AMK HUB as a strategic outreach point to the rest of the AMK town.  In the 3 months of prayer and seeking God’s presence and guidance, God has made it abundantly clear that Jesus (His Presence) must be at the centre of it all.  As John 12:32 declares, when Jesus is lifted up from the earth, He will draw all people to Himself.

As we have learnt from our To-Gather conference, we are gathering to receive and reveal Christ at AMK Hub, and all of us are called by God to partner in His Kingdom purposes. One early revelation through prayer is that God will release healing streams at AMK HUB, hence healing ministry will feature prominently. Lest we forget, 1/3 of Jesus’ earthly ministry centred upon healing. And so, a tangible expression of God’s presence is in His healing work.

Two Bible passages come to the fore:
(1) In John 15:14, Jesus calls us his friends if we do what He commands. God’s call for AMKMC to return to AMK HUB is an invitation for us to obey;
(2) In Mark 2:1–12, four men bring their paralysed friend to Jesus for healing and salvation. It is our prayer and hope that Friends@HUB brings healing and salvation to our friends.

In addition, 6 groups of people have surfaced as people whom God has His eye on: families with young children, seniors/elderly, migrant workers, delivery workers/private hire drivers, businesses/workers at AMK Hub area and bus drivers.

However, before we eventually get there, we need a consistent and sizeable group of dedicated co-labourers aka “Kingdom Partners”. Here is the part where we’re hoping YOU can come in!