Dance! 24-7-365

Dance! 24-7-365

Join us for our FIRST-EVER virtual dance video, which will be aired during our upcoming 44th Anniversary Service!

WHo is invited?

Everyone! We have designed the dance steps to be easy and accessible for all. You can also choose to record yourself dancing alone or with a group/cell/family!

what do I need to do?

There are a total of 4 sets of steps for you to learn (you can choose to record just 1 or up to all 4 of them). Once you have watched the instructional videos, you may record yourself (or group) dancing along to the recording video. It is best if you can memorise the steps so that you can look into the camera while recording. You need not be perfect nor exact – feel free to get creative in any way you wish! Most of all, the goal is to have fun and to dance joyfully as unto the Lord! 🙂

Where can i record?

Anywhere and everywhere! As with our worship to God, there is no limit – you could choose to record in the comfort of your own home, the park, the office, in the train/bus or anywhere on the move, as long as it is safe! That’s the whole point of this item – that we are called to Praise Him, 24/7 365 days a year. Once done recording, we also want to strongly encourage you to say a prayer of blessing over the place you have chosen!

I’m done with my recording. Where can I submit my recording?

Submissions have closed. Thank you for participating!

i’m lost! where can i get help?

Don’t fret, help is an e-mail or text away! Just drop us an e-mail at or send a Whatsapp to us.

set 1 videos

Thank you for your support! We have enough submissions for Set 1, do try out the other sets! 🙂

set 2 videos

Instruction video for Set 2
Recording video for Set 2

set 3 videos

Instruction video for Set 3
Recording video for Set 3

set 4 videos

Instruction video for Set 4 (Requires a partner)
Recording video for Set 4 (Requires a partner)