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27 Jun

Crown Biblical Financial Study

Programme Leaflet Family Life Ministry will be running the Crown Biblical Financial Course presented by Men’s Fellowship. The Study runs for 10 weekly sessions starting 27 June 2018, where participants will learn biblical principles touching on right values about money & possessions, learn guidance concerning their spending, investing and even work conduct in the workplace – all leading to lives drawn closer to God. Its practical focus will help to break worldly bondages and enable participants to truly experience God’s…
30 Jun

My Mess, His Message – Surrender

“My Mess, His Message – Surrender” by Ms Jaime Wong Ms Jaime Wong at the age of 13, represented Singapore at the SEA Games and received a full athletic scholarship for university in the USA. She studied in US without parental guidance and soon became hooked to pornography and embraced the “Freedom To Love” culture. She will share how God has transformed her, what God has done post-transformation – learning what it’s like for “Not my will but yours be…