Home With A Heart Series

Home With A Heart Series


Our Church theme for 2020 and 2021 “Home With A Heart” focuses on the vision of the two great commandments in Matthew 22: 37-38. This 6-week series seeks to explore and offer an in-depth explanation of the “Home with a Heart” theme. It also aims to offer practical applications to guide you in your walk with God as you go about your daily lives.

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A Printable Journal has been created to accompany you on your Home With A Heart series journey. You may print/download the PDF here.

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Week 6: Possessing A Heart For Others

By Cheryl Mah The word “hospitality” comes from two Greek words: philos which means “friend” and xenos which means “stranger”. Put together, the word is “philoxenos” which literally means “loving the stranger” or to be “generous to guests”. Scripture calls on us to show the love of God to others (Romans 12:13) and we are required to do so. As Christians, we are instructed to not only be hospitable to friends and family, but also to strangers, outsiders, and even…

Week 5: Growing In Christian Community

By Cheryl Mah Jesus commanded us to “Love your neighbour as yourself” (Matthew 22:39). As Scripture points out – we were created in God’s image to reflect our Maker, by caring for others. To truly love God and our neighbour, we should focus on fostering healthy relationships in all these arenas of life: 1.Be A Good Steward The word “steward” is rooted from the Ancient Greek word “oikonomos”, which translates into “household manager”. A Biblical steward is trusted to care…

Week 4: Walking With God In Obedience

By Cheryl Mah As Christians, we ought to be entirely subjected to God from the beginning. In every thought, word, or deed, we should seek to practise unreserved commitment and grow from strength to strength in complete obedience to God. 1.Knowing God’s Will We are by nature sinful and because of sin, our hearts drive us to wilfully sin again and again. Unless we decide to give up our own will and ways by abandoning ourselves fully to God, to…

Week 3: God’s Three Calls

By Cheryl Mah In our walk with Christ, we should focus our attention on several aspects – the Upward Call, the Inward Call as well as the Outward Call (read Rev Anthony Lee’s 2021 message here). Firstly, we must focus on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit – and the need to continually give praise and honour that is due to them (upward call). Secondly, we need to take an inward look at ourselves by constantly growing and re-examining ourselves…

Week 2: The Measure Of A Person

By Cheryl Mah In medical terms, the heart is a muscular organ that transports blood to all parts of the human body through its circulatory system of various blood vessels. This provides the oxygen and nutrients needed to sustain life. A healthy heart is one that pumps the right amount of blood at the right rate so that the human body can function as God intended. Suffice to say, the human heart is probably one of the most important organs…

Week 1: A Personal Invitation To Christ

By Cheryl Mah ”Home” is an enjoyable, happy place where a person can live, laugh, and learn. It is somewhere where one feels loved, respected, and cared for. “Home” also provides security, control, belonging, identity, and privacy – among other things. Most of all, it is a place that provides us with a centring. Receiving others, or ‘hospitality’, is a Christian value (Matthew 25:35-40). The act of being hospitable is welcoming people into our lives, meeting their needs, and reaching out even…