Rev Anthony Lee

Rev Anthony Lee is married to Valerie and are blessed with two children. They love the outdoors and the occasional good movie together. Pastor Anthony also loves doing life with people, whether eating good food or just playing a game of soccer. But above all, he loves working alongside God and seeing lives transformed by God, and that’s the passion that drives his ministry. Pastor Anthony oversees: Church Leadership & Administration Cell Ministry Prayer Ministry Missions Family Life Ministry Worship &…

Rev Lee Yam Kai

Rev Lee Yam Kai is married to Ying Choon and are blessed with 3 grown-up children. He has served as an assistant pastor at AMKMC from August till December of 1982. Since then, he has served in various Methodist Churches – Bedok, Faith and MCI and completed his sabbatical leave in 2009. Pastor Lee oversees: Pastoral Care Seniors’ Ministry Worship & Music (Traditional) Witness & Evangelism Christian Outreach & Social Concerns (COSC)
Assistant Pastor

Pastor Emanuel Goh

Pastor Emanuel Goh is married to Belicia. Pastor Emanuel oversees: Children’s Ministry Young Adult Ministry Christian Outreach & Social Concerns (COSC) Communications Ministry Boys’ Brigade Missions
Assistant Pastor

Rev Chan Mei Ming

Rev Chan Mei Ming is our deacon. Rev Mei oversees: WSCS Family Life Ministry (except Parenting & Men’s) Prayer Ministry (All courses/classes) Baptism & Membership Class