What is of True Worth

What is of True Worth

Rev Anthony Lee

1 Samuel 2:12 records one of the most fascinating verses ever. It reads, “Now the sons of Eli were worthless men. They did not know the Lord” (ESV).

This verse is fascinating because in just two short sentences, God has completely revolutionized my understanding of how one’s worth is defined. The world sees those who are rich, famous, powerful, or well-educated to be people of worth. In God’s eyes, however, only those who know God are people of worth.

Before the circuit breaker measures kicked in, many of us have tended to place our worth in our work. Before circuit breaker, many parents – myself included – have sent our children to enrichment classes, to somewhat occupy their time even if the intention was not to push them towards excellence. But now, God has pressed the reset button – for you, and for me.

Through these two weeks of staying at home, I have come to realize that the greatest gift to my children is my presence, for it is my constant presence that best reflects God’s faithful presence in our lives. I have learnt that unless I communicate to my children that they are worthy through my attentive presence; they are likely to fall into the same performance trap I did. Above all, I have slowly grasped the profound reality that even in trials, God is worthy of worship.

We have six more weeks of circuit breaker to go. Will we spend our time wisely, investing in knowing the Lord better or will we look back with regret that we have spent our time on worthless things?

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