Covid-19 Temporary Relief Fund

Covid-19 Temporary Relief Fund

AMKMC COVID-19 Temporary Financial Relief

In alignment with our Church’s 2020 theme and vision of a “Home With A Heart”, we have put in place a process for impacted individuals/families who are members and regular worshippers to receive Temporary Financial Relief (TFR) from the Church.

Who Are Eligible?

The TFR program will be limited to members and worshippers of AMKMC (TRAC) who have lost their jobs or livelihood arising from the negative impact of the Covid-19.

How Are They Identified?
  1. Church members of Cell Groups recommended by CGLs and ZLs;
  2. Regular worshippers made known to/or identified by Church leaders &/or Pastors.
What Are Screening Criteria?
  1. Members and worshippers who are currently not under any Govt. Financial Assistance program (via SSO thru FSC) or the Church’s FA program;
  2. Sole or both Joint breadwinners have lost employment (if only 1 of 2 breadwinners have lost employment, they are not eligible);
  3. The applicant has not been able to secure any contract, part-time or full-time job for 40 days after losing employment.  However, under exceptional hardship conditions, funds may be disbursed without the 40-day job loss criteria;
  4. Breadwinners who are requested to take No-Pay Leave for a period of 180 days or more;
  5. Breadwinners who are self-employed, whose small businesses are suspended or at risk of closure.
What is the application process?

The applicant is to fill in the COVID-19 Temporary Financial Relief Application Form (download) provided and submit it via email to PTM Tan Quee Chew ( )