The Marriage Course 2018

The Marriage Course 2018

[This is a Year 2018 course. There will not be a course in Year 2019. We will update the website if there is new course coming up subsequently.]

Valentine’s Day comes just once a year, but the joy of matrimonial love should last a lifetime! Whether you’ve been married for only 2 years or more than 20 years, don’t miss this chance to rekindle and strengthen that spark that first made you say ‘I do‘, sealing your commitment to each other before the Lord and your loved ones.

If you have a few Saturday mornings to spare, do gather your other half and sign up together for the Alpha Marriage Course. Biblical yet practical, this is a video-based series with extensive case studies and personal reflection exercises just between husband and wife – meaning every couple’s privacy is always safeguarded.

Facilitated by Nicky and Sila Lee, co-authors of The Marriage Book and church leaders at Holy Trinity Brompton, London, the course will cover 7 topics:

  1. Building Strong Foundations
  2. The Art of Communication
  3. Resolving Conflict 
  4. The Power of Forgiveness
  5. The Impact of Family – Past & Present
  6. Good Sex
  7. Love in Action

Admin details are as follows:

Venue:  AMKMC premises (King David Room / King Solomon Room)
Time:     9.00am-1.00pm over 4 Saturdays in April 2018 – 7 Apr + 14 Apr + 21 Apr + 28 Apr 2018
Fees:      $60 per couple for workbooks and refreshments, plus a celebration lunch on 28 Apr 2018

Please sign up at the Information Counter, or online at the Family Life page on AMKMC’s website. Closing date for registration is Sunday, 25 March 2018. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Clarence ( or Kerrie (

‘So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.’ [Mark 10:8-9]

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The Marriage Course is for all married couples, regardless of age or years together as man and wife. Whether you are successfully married or feel there are areas that need working on, this course is for you.

The learning sessions cover essential topics that include communication, conflict resolution, family influence, forgiveness, sex and love in action.

Couples will gain insights and practical skills to address relationship issues, which tend to be ignored or handled in ways that hinder the growth of their marriage.

The ultimate goal is deliver an enriching marriage experience for couples, and lead them into a deeper and more fulfilling relationship.

7 Powerful learning sessions :

Building Strong Foundations – Couples examine their lifestyle and its effect on their marriage.

The Art of Communication – Couples practice communicating their feelings and listening effectively to one another.

Resolving Conflict – Couples learn to express appreciation for each other, recognize their differences negotiate disagreements and pray for each other.

The Power of Forgiveness – Couples look at how they will inevitably hurt each other. The focus in on the process of healing, from identifying the hurt to saying sorry and practicing forgiveness.

The Impact of Family – Couples talk about how to build a good and healthy relationship with parents, in-laws and the wider family.

Good Sex – Couples are encouraged to talk about their sexual relationship and to recognize where they need to make changes.

Love in Action – Couples discover which expression of love – words, time, touch, presents and actions – work for each other, and how they can put it into action.

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