They Shall Not Prevail Against You For I Am With You – The Goodness of God

They Shall Not Prevail Against You For I Am With You – The Goodness of God


I went for a regular health screening in July 2017 (The previous screening was in 2012.)

The health report was not satisfactory. My chest X-ray showed a longish white patch on my left lung. So, soon after, a battery of tests followed – CT scans, blood tests, another round of X-rays and then a bronchoscopy to rule out cancer and TB. Even then, the result was not conclusive, and I was put on TB medication pending the culture test result.

Mid-way, the medication had to be stopped because the reading for my liver enzymes went up. The doctor wanted further tests and then insisted on a PET scan which I did, reluctantly. I was totally unprepared when I was dealt a second blow.

The PET scan found a large tumour in my brain. I could not believe my ears! It was so very difficult for me to accept the diagnosis as I had felt fine and healthy (or so I thought), without any obvious symptoms such as headaches. My mind was in turmoil, and I was completely overwhelmed to find myself suddenly afflicted with not one but two conditions, all at the same time.

I was worried and scared. Many questions came to mind as to how this could have happened to me. There was nothing I could do, except to pray and simply hope and trust in God. I gave my burdens to the Lord and prayed for peace and direction. At the same time, I went for healing sessions and services.

I was faced with the dilemma of which surgery to go for first. I sought second and even third opinions. The doctors had mixed answers as both conditions were considered serious and needed to be treated urgently.

I scheduled my brain surgery for 28 Dec 2017. It was a major operation, which lasted 3 hours. The surgery went well. The surgeons found a right frontal meningioma which was 5.1 cm large, but benign. I was discharged from the hospital after the fifth day. God was merciful!

After the surgery, my face was swollen and looked badly bruised with discolouration (blue-black marks), and I had two “panda” eyes. But there was no pain and the discolouration gradually subsided after 2 months.

After discharge, I had to schedule my second surgery, which was a biopsy of the left lung. The key-hole surgery took place on 25 Jan 2018. The result was Stage 1 lung cancer.

One-third of my left lung was thus removed, including the lymph nodes. Although initially very sad and disappointed by the result, I rejoiced when told that no chemotherapy or medication was required. I was discharged after the third day. Again, God has been merciful and gracious to me. Thank you, Lord.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation to the many people who have supported me with prayers and encouragement. They include Ps Melvin Huang, Ps Lee Yam Kai, the Prayer Ministry, my cell group (Faith), Zone Leader Ivan Lim, and the Zone C cell leaders, not forgetting Ng Lee Joo, Sue Chiam, Sharon Teh, Selina Gunawan, Wong Phui Fang, Cheong Lay Yen, Rosy Tan, ex-colleagues and my family. Things would not have been smooth and well without the power of prayer.

Through it all, I tasted the goodness of God, His great love and His amazing grace upon me. As Jeremiah 1:19 says: “They will fight against you but they shall not prevail against you, for I am with you to deliver you”.

Indeed, He was with me every step of the way when He allowed these two conditions to be brought to light early and God in His mercy, delivered me. He is faithful and keeps His promises. I have recovered well without complications. I thank God for His healing touch and seeing me through my fears during those trying times. He has been my strength and refuge in my moments of darkness. I am forever grateful to God for all that He has done for me in this journey.

Lord Jesus, this is all about you. The glory is Yours. All praise and honour and glory to our Almighty God. Amen.