Not Fear, but Trust

Not Fear, but Trust

A Word from our Pastor

Not Fear, but Trust – by Pastor Anthony Lee

The news these two weeks have been replete with churches (and even pastors!) being infected with the novel Coronavirus (now named Covid-19).

In times like these, it is very easy to fall prey to our fears and lose sight of who our God is.

I am reminded of a passage in Daniel 3, where Daniel’s three friends were faced with the threat of a blazing furnace – which is a guaranteed and unavoidable situation (compared to contracting a virus which is non-guaranteed and largely avoidable). This is what happened in the face of impending danger.

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First, Daniel’s three friends believed that God is able to deliver them from danger. In the same way, we know God is our Healer and Protector. God is able to deliver us from this virus.

However, Daniel’s three friends submitted themselves to God’s will. They said, “Even if God does not deliver us, we will not bow down…” Here, they trusted that God’s will and considerations are beyond their limited human understanding. They believed God is sovereign and good in all that He does, even if God does not act according to what they desired.

Finally, Daniel’s three friends did not bow down to fear – even in the face of death. Such is the true test of one’s faith. In particular, I commend to you an article written by Ps Chua Chung Kai ( as he reflects on this situation.

In times like these, and at all times, may we never lose sight of who our God is – our God is able, our God is sovereign, our God is always good even when He chooses to test our faith.