In the Face of Death

In the Face of Death

A Word from our Pastor

Death can be cruel but can also be a great wake up call to examine if we have lived our lives well. Watch the video to see what living in light of eternity can teach us.

Lent is the season we are made to confront our mortality, and all the more so with Covid-19 looming over all our heads. As for our church, more acutely than ever, we are confronted with the fragility of life with the sudden passing of a dear sister. For all our medical and technological advances, death can only be delayed, not avoided altogether. Death, for all its cruelty, however, when seen from God’s point of view, can be a great wake up call.

1) Death challenges us to live for what’s eternal
With Covid-19, God has exposed how vulnerable we truly are as stock markets tumble and fall. Sure, we all need money to pay the bills and put food on the table. Sure, God has called us to our vocations, but the question is – is money our God or our servant? Are we living only for ourselves or also for the benefit of others? From God’s point of view, money is useless in eternity. Only God is the true Provider and our source of security. And because we trust God to provide, one of the best uses of money is to help those in need. The poor will only be with us on this side of eternity. Will our wealth perish with us or will our wealth be used to rescue the perishing?

2) Death challenges us to live from what’s eternal
Someone once said, “If it’s not worth dying for, it’s not worth living for.” No one on their death bed lamented they could have spent more time at work; everyone longed to be a better child, spouse, and parent. Are you chasing promotion or prestige? Are you so angry with a family or friend that you have stopped all communications and fellowship

In light of the brevity of life, we have to ask ourselves, “Is what we live for really worth it?” My fellow Christians, learn to let go, forgive, and trust Papa God to take care of you – in every aspect of your life. Let’s live every day with a divine perspective.

3) Death challenges us to live by what’s eternal
Death challenges us to ask, “How are you living your life?” Are you living with a godly fear and clear heavenly purpose, relying on God’s Spirit daily?” Or as John Wesley would ask, “Is your life bearing the fruit of repentance and the evidence of salvation?” Death is scary, but it’s scarier if we fail to allow God’s eternal life to flow out through us day by day. Only God’s Spirit can empower to truly live holy and righteous lives, wholly pleasing to God.

May we re-learn how to walk by faith and not by sight, living daily as we are led by the Holy Spirit. After all, it is only by God’s Spirit that we live, and move, and have our being.