Church Theme 2018

Church Theme 2018

Pastor’s Welcome Message

Our church theme for 2018 is Disciple


This is the New Testament word translated DISCIPLE, literally meaning “learner” (from MANTHANO meaning “to learn”, from the root MATH – look familiar?) Therefore, in Biblical lingo a disciple is one who learns, or a follower of someone’s teaching.

Another quick RECAP : Our vision theme is “To be a Methodist Family After God’s Heart” with four sub-themes.

  • 2016 – Love God – Worship & Prayer
  • 2017 – Love People – Fellowship and Care
  • 2018 – Disciple – Teach and Nurture
  • 2019 – Serve – Ministry and Mission


DISCIPLES are firstly FOLLOWERS of the Lord Jesus Christ. Gordon McDonald says he prefers the term “Christ-follower” instead of Christian because it more accurately portrays the standards of Discipleship set by Jesus in the Scriptures.

But how do we follow Jesus today? What does it mean to be a DISCIPLE in the 21st century?

Our pulpit series seeks to share a Methodist perspective on being a DISCIPLE as well as a good Methodist (Biblically and Theologically).

Let no one say following Jesus is easy. We have no authority to water down, reduce or dilute the nature of Christian Discipleship. And as the hymn says “Jesus has set the example…” We are called to do no less.

So let us all answer this amazing call of Jesus.


In His Love
Rev. Melvin Huang
On behalf of the Pastors of AMKMC.

Our Church Vision Theme

Pastor’s Welcome Message