Church Theme 2016

Church Theme 2016

Our church theme for 2016 is Love God.

This is the first of four themes to be rolled out over the next four years; the other three being “Love People,” “Disciple,” and “Serve” respectively.

Together, it is our prayer and hope that these four emphases will help us strive to be a Methodist Family after God’s Heart.

To love God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength is the first of the great commandments. But what does that mean? How do we love God with our whole being? Obedience, I believe, is at the heart of what it means to love God with all our being. To love Him is to obey Him and keep His commandments.

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1. To help us know His commandments better, our Sunday pulpit series for January and February will teach on the loving Law-giver and the first four of the Ten Commandments. Concurrently, our cell groups will also do a Bible study on God’s Law and His Love.

2. In addition, to help us grow in our ability to hear God, the church will teach a simple devotional method whereby you read the Bible for yourself, journal down one area the Lord has asked you to obey Him,  and share with godly friends so that we hold each other accountable to obey what the Lord has spoken.

Click here for S.O.A.P. Devotional Method.

Click here to Bible Reading Plan.

*Get a free copy of Sermon Journal on Sundays (from Jan 2016)