Church Membership Update (Project Census) – Register now!

Church Membership Update (Project Census) – Register now!

AMKMC (TRAC) has started a 2 year project to update our church membership records as well as migrating the present system into a secured, integrated online church management system (CMS).

As we implement our new online system, we will offer enhanced features to allow members and friends to easily sign up for courses, events, camps and seminars as well as receive important news and updates from the Church.

This project is conducted in phases and is compulsory for all official members of the local church. Friends & visitors are welcome to be part of this exercise to allow the church to better manage and serve the congregation.

Phase 1 – Cells (registered cell members and friends)
Phase 2 – Congregation Members (members & friends who are not registered in cells)
Phase 3 – Manual non-electronic (paper-based) registration of members (for those without email access)

Phase 2 Registration Instructions:-
1. Access to the profile signup page

2. Upon direction to the “Profile Signup” form, fill up and submit the form.

3. We will be processing Profile signup forms in batches and upon successful processing, you will received an email with information on how to access the system.

– Compulsory for official members of AMKMC. (An official member has attended our Baptism & Membership course and is officially received into the church membership roll during the Confirmation and Reception into Membership (CARIM) service)

– Friends & Visitors are welcome to participate in this exercise, but registration is not compulsory.

– Children & Youth (under 17) are exempted from this exercise.

– Instructions for this exercise will be emailed to you at your registered email address.

– For queries or support, please direct your issues to:-

– For members without an email, we seek your patience for further instructions to Phase 3.

– FAQs for this exercise can be found here :

Download (PDF, 45KB)