We are on the intentional journey of BLESS
(20 May to 9 Sep 2018)

Who Can I BLESS Today?

  • Write a list of people that you could BLESS (Page 6 & 7 of BLESS journal)
  • Begin praying to our Lord for wisdom how to BLESS these persons. As you commune with God, be sensitive and still and listen to what He may be saying to you. God speaks to us not necessary with a loud voice or claps, through a loud microphone but very often with a small still voice that resonates with our inner person. He also does so by circumstances, everyday encounters and through others in our daily life.
  • Journal it (Pages 9 to 11 of BLESS Journal). You will be surprised by the gems of wisdom God has given to you.
  • A BLESS billboard has been specially installed outside our sanctuary. Don’t wait, encourage someone with your testimony. Pick up a testimony sticker available at the information counter. Pen your encouragement and stick it on the billboard for all to see.

Thank you for being a blessing!

Updated as at May 2018
AMKMC will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary on 30 September 2018. Keep this date!

40 years – that’s a milestone! As a congregation and as a church we can all testify in our own ways that we have been mightily blessed.

The Bible teaches us that as we are blessed we are to be a blessing to others so that they know Christ lives in us, the hope of glory!

As we are still in the season of Easter, consider how God loves us, how Jesus sacrificed Himself for us so we now have eternal and abundant life! Don’t just keep this gift. Share to bring light to someone still in the dark. Let us do this and take the next bold step to BLESS someone.

Let’s do it together and embark on a journey of BLESS from 20 May to 9 September 2018.

BLESS is a habit to be formed and a lifestyle we are to embrace as a follower of CHRIST. We use the acronym BLESS to help us in this faith walk with God for His glory!

More details of BLESS will be provided in the coming weeks.

Don’t forget to prepare yourself, your family members, friends, cell group members….to embark on this exciting journey. Watch this space. Meanwhile God bless you richly!