A Clear Requirement

A Clear Requirement

Thus far we have examined how an athlete must have a clear plan and undergo a rigorous training process. However, 2 Tim 2:5 reminds us that an athlete must also abide by the rules to receive the winner’s crown.

What “rules” does God expect from us?

Read Luke 12:35–48 at this juncture.

These familiar parables teach us that God expects us to be consistently faithful in service. Faithfulness in service is that straight and narrow path we walk on after we have given our allegiance to Christ our Master.

Faithfulness in service has two dimensions: duty and duration. First, faithfulness entails being attentive to our duty; we must fulfil what we were appointed to do. Second, faithfulness means we keep working at our tasks for as long as required.

Questions for Reflection:

What has God called you to do in His Kingdom? Are you still serving faithfully,
or have you already slackened off or given up?

Remember these passages in Luke are written to Christians, not non-believers. Therefore, we must not never entertain the erroneous thought that “Once saved, always saved.”

God’s Word makes it abundantly clear that God expects faithfulness in our service every single day until He returns. And faithfulness in turn requires discipline. Without discipline to abide by the rules, the athlete can never win the crown legitimately.