Posts from November 2017

Posts from November 2017


Have you heard of the Doomsday Clock? It was started by a group of nuclear scientists to represent “the end of the world” (so to speak), a “man-made global catastrophe” envisaged originally as a nuclear holocaust. Since 2007, climate change has been included as another possible cause. So for the Doomsday Clock, 12 midnight is the “end point”. In 1947 the clock’s first setting was 11.43 pm. Since then it has been moved earlier and later more than 20 times.…


To facilitate the servicing and cleaning of the main switchboard of our church, there will be a shut-down of power supply on Monday, 27 Nov 2017. Therefore, our church office will be closed. We apologise for any inconvenience cased and appreciate your understanding.


A Christian Outreach & Social Concerns (COSC) Ministry initiative: • Appeal For Donations For Needy Children And Elderlies • Volunteers Needed For Gift Distribution And Home Visitation A Special Time for Giving and Sharing is here again! This December, we will be distributing gifts to 400 needy elderlies and children over two Saturdays within Ang Mo Kio. Gift@Christmas Donation Tags We need your generous financial support. This is an opportunity for us to share God’s Love! HOW: Purchase gift tags outside…


Car park lots are available in the multi-storey car park at Block 260 and in the vicinity of our church. Please refrain from parking in residential (red) lots in the multi-storey car park and along Street 21. visit to view map for directions to AMKMC from multi-storey carpark.