Posts from August 2017

Posts from August 2017

Statement on church cladding

1. We were informed on 23rd Aug 2017, in a communication from SCDF, that the cladding supplied for our building’s external wall may not be of required standard. 2. SCDF has conducted a comprehensive fire safety risk assessment of the building and they confirmed that the building remains fit and safe for occupancy. 3. We will comply with all requirements of the SCDF. Rest assured that the safety of the building and our users is our priority. 4. As instructed…

Combined Choir for 39th AMKMC (TRAC) Anniversary Service

TRAC Combined Choir will be presenting 3 items during this year’s 39th AMKMC (TRAC) Anniversary on Sunday, 1 October 2017 at 3pm. Date : Every Wednesday from 23 Aug- 27 Sep Time : 8pm – 10pm Venue : Worship Music Room (Level 2) Dress Rehearsal : Saturday, 30 Sep (6pm – 8pm), Sanctuary 2 We invite all who have a heart to sing for this special event to contact Mr Alex Chew at 9686 3030 (hp) for further details.

Introduction of Fellowship Time for Hub Service

We invite the congregation at the AMK Hub 10.30am Service for a time of fellowship after service! It will be held on the 4th/5th Sunday of each month, at the Cathay F&B area (located at the top of the escalator as you are coming towards Hall 5). The fellowship time will start immediately after service ends until 12.30pm, and light refreshments will be served. We invite those attending service at Hub to come and to get to know one another…