Mid-Week Bible Study (MWBS) by Rev Anthony Lee

The Psalms contain some of the most familiar texts in the Bible. Think of Psalm 23. Yet, the Psalms are also at once very unfamiliar.

With 150 Psalms, it is impossible to study the entire psalter in the space of a few weeks (or even a few months).

One of the greatest losses of modern Christianity is the inability to pray authentic prayers of great grief, fear of danger, and even unrestrained anger. This is especially true in a public setting.

The focus of our study these four weeks, therefore, will be examining some of the prayers of lament and deep emotions, and learn to pray in ways more true to our challenging circumstances in life.

Come and study the Psalms as we re-learn to pray some of the most vulnerable prayers ever prayed – in our bid to live ever more authentic lives.